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The Software Tailors provides a fully tailored platform to perform the day-to-day operations and tasks that keep your company moving forward. Having a dedicated software platform helps keep your workforce balanced. It provides the opportunity to manage your business from a single screen with accurate data.

Virtualization Method

The Software Tailors assists you in areas such as IT infrastructure evaluation, gap analysis, infrastructure planning, design, financial analysis, implementation and migration virtualization.

Technology Consulting

The Software Tailors offers professional solutions to its customers with its technology expertise, automation strategy knowledge and first-class consultancy services. It aims to work more effectively by increasing work efficiency and reducing costs.

Software Quality

The Software Tailors allows you to control the quality of the application with Independent Quality Assurance. It easily and quickly evaluates the conformity of the product to its original requirements. It prepares the product in a way that end users can easily use.

Custom software development

If you are looking for a long-term business partner in distinguishing and implementing innovative ideas in a tough competitive environment, Yazilim Tailor is the perfect choice.

Application security

The Software Tailors team, who are experts in their field, meticulously completes all your security controls in order to ensure your software security and minimize the risks that may occur.

Application security

The Software Tailors is always ready with its team to meet the needs of its customers. It guarantees a first-class user experience in every aspect for its customers, from customer issue management to technical support.

Why The Software Tailors

The Software Tailors company offers you a high quality service in C #, Microsoft.NET, Mobile Application and Quality Assurance.

Our Offer

Digital Development Services Managed by Experts.

We design custom software, mobile apps and cross-platform solutions that keep you one step ahead of the competition

Database and Software Integration

Our expertise includes data processing in healthcare systems, developing enterprise software interfaces and advanced reporting on available data.

Mobile Application Development

We work with experts, developers and designers in our projects. We offer services on all mobile platforms with our mobile application developers.

Health Sector Software

Our experience with healthcare practitioners and providers has enabled us to develop a range of healthcare solutions tailored to your needs.

Custom Software Development

We create and design custom software applications that solve your most challenging problems, integrate seamlessly with your existing processes and systems, and produce measurable results for your business.

Company Solutions

Our goal is; to help entrepreneurs progress and to offer the necessary technology. Our focus is to increase our customers' profitability by increasing revenue or reducing costs.

Maintenance and Support

To maximize the success of the products we develop for our customers, collecting feedback from users, preparing improvement plans and performing updates is an indispensable part of our maintenance support policy.