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About us

Make them happy

The Software Tailors was founded by Tugay Akman and Emrah Aydınalp. Our company, which aims to provide the best support software to its current and future customers; continues its research and development activities with its strong organizational structure within the framework of innovation, excellence, quality and trust.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enrich our work with perfect ideas and offer the best solutions. While integrating passion with our work to add value to your experiences, it is our goal to build your success and ensure your continuity with the best software.

Our customers; Hospitals, Nursing Homes for the Elderly, Rehabilitation Centers and Social Services

Working with the businesses we serve has improved our products day by day. Software Thesis has proven software expertise in this field, working specifically with businesses in the healthcare industry. Also, through research and feedback from businesses using the patient care system, Pandora Care has been greatly improved over the last 4 years.

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